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Lake Characteristics

Lake Area: 544.38 acres
Littoral Area: 488 acres
Maximum Depth: 16 ft
Water Clarity: 4 ft

Dominant Bottom Substrate: Sand (Abundant)
Abundance of Aquatic Plants: 18 Varieties Sampled
Maximum Depth of Plant Growth: 7 - 9 ft

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Status of the Fishery (as of 07/21/2008)

Compliments of the DNR Lake Report

Lake Villard is a 536-acre shallow, fertile basin located in northeast Pope County, just west of the town of Villard. Villard is the middle basin within a chain of three lakes (Leven, Villard, Amelia) located in the upper reaches of the East Branch of the Chippewa River. A relatively new public access is located on the northeast shoreline off of County Road 28.

The lake supports an abundant and diverse aquatic plant community. Eighteen plant species were observed during the 2008 vegetation survey. Submergent vegetation is dense in many shallow areas. Extensive beds of hardstem bulrush are common along the north and west shoreline. These aquatic plants provide critical spawning habitat and cover for many fish species, especially largemouth bass, sunfish, and northern pike.

Lake Villard is managed for walleye with secondary species management directed toward sunfishes and northern pike. The fish community in Lake Villard is typical of most heavily vegetated bass-panfish lakes found throughout west-central Minnesota. Largemouth bass, sunfish, and northern pike are common. Bass anglers can expect good numbers of quality-sized fish. Bass captured in the 2008 electrofishing sample ranged from 9.1 to 18.4 inches with the mean size being 13.1 inches. Sunfish numbers have increased in recent years. In fact, record-high bluegill abundance was recorded in 2008. Most fish were young and relatively small. Mean length of trap net captures was less than 6.0 inches. Black crappie abundance was considered low to moderate. Most of the current population is also comprised of young individuals. Gill net catches indicated northern pike are overly abundant. Larger fish are present, but "hammer handles" (i.e., small pike) dominate this population. Angler harvest of smaller bluegill and northern pike is highly encouraged to reduce excessive abundance and help improve size structure of these populations. Walleye numbers have also increased in recent years. Gill net catches in 2008 exceeded levels expected for this type of lake. Most were larger individuals. Mean size captured was 17.2 inches and 2.1 pounds. This population is maintained through supplemental fingerling stockings. Yellow perch are also present but harvestable-size fish are uncommon.

Other species captured in the 2008 survey include black, brown, and yellow bullhead, bowfin (dogfish), common carp, pumpkinseed, and white sucker. The next lake survey is scheduled for 2013.




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